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A higher top, or crown, gives off a flash that is reminiscent of an Old European Cut Diamond – infinite depth and fiery colors from all angles. The Firelight Diamond takes inspiration from the best attributes of a modern Round Brilliant and a classic Old European Cut. Due to a fusion of artistry and technology the Firelight scorches regular-cut stones.
Additional facets and their precise arrangement set this new cut apart and cause superior refraction and radiance. Where an ordinary Round Brilliant has 57 facets, the Firelight has 81 facets that are angled and proportioned for maximum light return to the eye. The facets are what reflect and prism light; therefore, more facets = more brilliance.
diamond facet diagram
Using special proportions, the Firelight has no shadowy areas – which can be observed in a round brilliant that is cut too deep or too shallow (Many times this is done to retain weight at the expense of beauty). This unique cut has greater eye appeal, as light dances across the facets.

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