Mark Loren recently talked to Charlie McDermott, host of the Good Neighbor Podcast, about founding, growing, and supporting Mark Loren Designs, which has been in business on McGregor Boulevard in Fort Myers since 1985.

In the interview, Mark, an award-winning designer, jeweler, and goldsmith, expands on his story, talks about caring for the community, and highlights some of the special touches provided at his jewelry design and repair studio.

Here are a few gems from the interview:

  • His father encouraged him to go to trade school to pursue his interest in jewelry making, passing up a college scholarship with Bausch + Lomb to become an eye surgeon.
  • Inspiration for jewelry designs comes from everywhere, even a stroll through a furniture store.
  • Gemstones “talk” to him, with some sitting on his bench for years before he finds the right design.
  • If you are concerned about what happens to your jewelry or watch when you bring it in for repair, you can sit next to the jeweler and watch the process.
  • Favorite charities often benefit children. Mark is a board member for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and mentored two little brothers in the program.
  • Mark sometimes relaxes by shooting arrows behind the store. During the pandemic, he learned how to ride a one-wheel electric skateboard.
  • The iconic armored car parked outside of the showroom was a movie prop and is used to make special deliveries or create unforgettable engagements.
  • The business sometimes replaces two dozen watch batteries a day, bringing new clients into the business to see all the other services offered.