What’s your jewelry worth?

At Mark Loren Designs, we feel that jewelry appraisals are essential.  Firstly, most insurance companies require current jewelry appraisals prior to offering coverage of your fine jewelry pieces. In addition, jewelry values can fluctuate, and you’ll want to have your jewelry properly valued in the instance of loss, damage or theft.  Maybe you’ve inherited jewelry, or you have a few items in your jewelry box that you are interested in selling. For all of these reasons, jewelry appraisals are highly recommended.

At Mark Loren Designs, we appraise everything from the engagement ring you’re purchasing today to the ring you’re restyling into something different, to the several pieces of jewelry you’ve inherited that you may bring in sometime in the future. No matter your situation, Mark Loren Designs has experienced and accredited certified gemologists and gemologist appraisers on staff who will prepare detailed and accurate appraisals of your jewelry items. Every appraisal we complete is documented with detailed descriptions of the piece or pieces of jewelry and photographs. In addition, two copies of the appraisal are provided; one for you and one for insurance purposes.

As far as how long the appraisal process takes, some items, such as engagement rings, typically only take one day or even while you wait. However, if you need estate jewelry pieces to be appraised, this may take several weeks due to research that may need to be done, or if you are planning to bring in several pieces at one time. Regardless, at Mark Loren Designs, we’ll make sure the appraisal is done in a timely fashion, professionally, and accurately.

We strongly recommend purchasing an all-risk personal jewelry insurance policy to cover loss and/or damage to your precious jewelry purchases. A simple homeowners’ policy often will not provide adequate coverage for your jewelry. Protecting your fine jewelry investment with specific jewelry insurance will provide you the peace of mind you need. And the cost of jewelry insurance is, in most cases, quite reasonable.

Insurance – What you need to know.

At the time of purchase, we offer an opportunity to purchase jewelry insurance through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. They offer policies that are competitively priced and provide comprehensive all-risk coverage. Ask us about it or visit to get quotes online to apply for coverage.

Explore what you might need to know at Jewelers Mutual Personal Insurance.

We are happy to provide you with further jewelry insurance information upon request.