Jewelry Cleaning

Protecting Your Investment.

At Mark Loren Designs, we know you love your jewelry. That’s why it’s so important to make regular care and cleaning a routine. Stop in for your complimentary cleaning and checking as often as you would like. And we also have some specific suggestions that will help, regardless of when or how often you wear your jewelry.

Care Tips


Even though they are the hardest substance on Earth, diamonds can still be chipped. It’s best to leave your diamond jewelry at home when you know it will be subjected to harsher physical conditions. And, because even everyday activities can be tough on your favorite diamond pieces, it’s important to have a jeweler examine them twice a year for signs of damage. Remember, prongs can wear thin and diamonds may fall out.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you treat your diamond ring around water. Remember, it can become loose and slip off.  And you should try to avoid wearing your ring in chlorinated water, since over time chlorine can damage the metal in the setting.

Finally, diamond jewelry is delicate and can scratch easily so it is best to avoid storing alongside other jewelry pieces. A fabric-lined jewelry case with separate compartments is ideal, but you can also keep them in separate pouches or wrapped in tissue paper or soft fabric.


Even though you may see plenty of people wearing their fine jewelry in the pool, you should know that chlorine can weaken gold. We recommend removing your gold jewelry before swimming or spending time in hot tubs. Gold chains can tangle easily and should never be worn while sleeping, and always stored on a flat surface.


“Last thing on, first thing off.” At Mark Loren Designs, we believe this wholeheartedly! Pearls should be the last piece of jewelry you put on.  And remember that direct contact with perfume or hairspray can damage a pearl’s finish.

Regular Cleaning


We recommend cleaning your diamonds once or twice weekly. You don’t need to use a commercial cleaner. As an alternative you can soak them in a gentle solution such as water with a few drops of mild soap for 20 minutes. Remove the diamond from the cleaner and brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any leftover dirt. Take extra care to brush the back of the diamond, as this will be the area that has collected the most oil and dirt.

Colored Gemstones

Most colored gemstones can be safely cleaned with mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft brush. However, pearls are a notable exception. They should only be surface cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in a very diluted soap-and-water solution. Avoid dipping pearls into a liquid solution or discoloration could occur!

Remember you can always stop in Mark Loren Designs anytime and we will happily, and professionally, clean your treasures!

Insure Your Jewelry

Even when you follow all the best practices with your jewelry, you can still have a mishap.  Some of the most frequent jewelry losses are accidental loss and mysterious disappearance. Companies that specialize in jewelry insurance such as Jewelers Mutual Insurance will help you to be sure you have the proper coverage. They’ll also keep your values current so that your precious items can be replaced in case of a loss. You should also check with your local homeowners’ policy to examine their pricing and benefits offered compared to a jewelry specific insurance company.