Wedding Bands

A wedding band is a symbol dating back almost 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Back then, people would exchange “rings of love” made of woven reeds or leather. It’s certainly changed a bit over the years, but the symbolism remains the same. At Mark Loren Designs, we believe wedding bands are the true meaning of love and commitment to one another. Many women choose to have a wedding band that matches their engagement ring if they’re planning to always wear their rings together or have them soldered into one ring. Others are looking for something unique and stand-alone, planning to wear only their wedding ring on certain occasions. For men, the traditional metals of gold and platinum remain popular, but many prefer alternative metals, like tungsten or steel. Special finishes can create elegance or a very contemporary look. Whatever your taste, you can be sure you’ll find a wedding band that’s a true expression of who you are and what you love at Mark Loren Designs.

Love color? We do, too! Precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are all the rage and replacing traditional diamonds for the person who wants to express their individuality. However, at Mark Loren Designs, we dare to be different and can show you how awesome raw or highly polished more unusual gemstones can look when incorporated with your wedding band. Or, you may want to consider a center stone diamond and color accents. Beyond colored gemstones and traditional white diamonds, there’s a rainbow of brilliance in colored gemstones. From the soft champagnes of brown to vivid orange, from warm sunlit golden yellow to light mint and grass green, from mysterious rare blues to soft pastel and deep raspberry pinks and beyond to red, purple, olive, black and grey. So, if you’re thinking of adding color to your wedding ring, think Mark Loren Designs. We would love to custom create this exciting alternative.